the button

How do we provide feedback for interactions when we can’t push a button, swipe a screen or flick a switch?

Freeman set the challenge of a covid compliant non-touch experience for their client Red Hat.

We created this touchless control panel that allowed users to navigate through a variety of case studies and opinion pieces.

Animations and sound effects move seamlessly with your interactions. Adding the necessary feedback for it to feel intuitive and 'button' like.

We produced a real time animated framework that hosted all of Red Hats GITEX content.

Moving forward, this modular build can be reused for multiple purposes to either emulate key presses, scrolling content or more bespoke triggers.

Engaged 771 attendees for a total of
Engaged 771 attendees for

2 days 2 hours 28 minutes and 58 seconds
2d 2hrs 28min and 58sec